Registration / State Awards / Competitions

Registration / Awards / Competitions:

State Convention provides a wonderful opportunity for councils and individuals to receive leadership recognition based on their involvement this past school year. Recognitions range from council competitions to individual awards. Each of the awards / competitions are listed below with specific directions on how to both fill out and submit the information.

Remember to follow the specific guidelines for the submission of each award or competition. Some submissions are Google Doc Forms while others require mailing. 

Deadlines for all applications and awards is March 5, 2024

Deadline for registration is: 

- Regular: March 5, 2024

- Late: March 12, 2024

Step #1: Convention Registration Packet (PDF)

Step #2: Council Awards / Competitions:

      Four Star Award

      Platinum Award

      T-shirt Competition


      Individual Project Awards

      Individual Student Awards / Competitions:

      Essay Contest Rules

      Speech Contest Rules

       Individual Leadership Award:

      Adult Awards / Competitions:

Step #3: Election Packet (PDF)